Fire Safety

Smoke Alarms

  • Install smoke alarms on every story of your house, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas

  • Test smoke alarms every month and replace batteries as needed

Outdoor Fires

When preparing an outdoor fire, make sure:

  • you are only burning things appropriate to burn that will not explode

  • you have water nearby

  • you have a controlled environment

  • it is an appropriate time to burn given the dryness of the surrounding environment (check burn bans in your area)

Have a plan

Talk with your friends and family about what to do in case of a fire. This discussion should include:

  • where to meet outside the burning structure

  • how to get in contact with help (9-1-1) and each other in the event of an emergency

  • at least two escape routes from anywhere in the structure

  • Stop, Drop, and Roll technique for if clothing catches on fire

Remember, once you are out, STAY OUT! Do NOT go back inside for other people, pets, or possessions.