February 14th Anniversary

History in the Making

On February 14th, 1923, 25 men gathered and organized the Sodus Center Fire Department.  The meeting was held at the blacksmith shop owned by F. W. Klumpp, and was called to order by Commissioner C. M. Smith.  Mr. C. T. Bennett was appointed as chairman and H. E. Lockner as clerk.  Election of officers by ballot resulted with C. T. Bennett as President, W. H. Webler as Vice President, and H. E. Lockner as Secretary/Treasurer all for a one-year term.  F. J. Smith, a local shop keeper, was elected the first Chief of the Company.

Some interesting notes from the Secretary:

New Truck

On March 4, 1936, a committee traveled to West Webster Fire Department to look at a truck with a cost not to exceed $2,000.  On May 11, 1936, a contract was signed for a new fire truck (pictured above).  On October 12, 1936,  the old chemical fire truck was sold to William Tack for $15.

New Building

At the meeting on October 7, 1929, it was noted that the new fire hall was completed after several months of work by members of the company.  This building was moved in 1970 to the property now owned by Shirley Wren, and the current fire station was dedicated on July 28, 1970 after more months of work by volunteers.

State Recognition

The Department received this certificate from the Firefighters Association of the State of New York in recognition of its 100 Years of Service.

Record Keeping

Members of the Department and the community were able to look at the old SCFD records and meeting minutes from 1923-1948.

Honorary Member Jim Jones Inducted

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Department, craftsman Jim Jones dedicated the eagle shown in the picture to the left.  Inscribed on the wood are the words Fire House 730, Sodus Center N.Y., 1923-2023.  For this project and his numerous other contributions to the Department over the years, Jim was inducted into the SCFD as an honorary member.

Thank you, Jim!

Community Celebration

Members of the community and the Department gathered for this momentous occasion led by our Chief Jim Pettit.